Olympic Stains & Sealers


With its unique Absorption Control formulaâ„¢, it helps you achieve a beautiful, consistent finish â” without blotching, lapping, or streaking.
An easy-to-use, no-drip formula specially engineered for vertical surfaces. It works beautifully on both interior and exterior projects.
An Oil-Based stain and polyurethane in one product, it creates a beautiful, durable finish in just one easy step.
Its unique Smooth Flowâ„¢ formula helps you achieve a beautiful, durable finish that imparts a warm, golden tone.
Helps achieve a smooth, professional finish and dries crystal clear to let wood's natural beauty show through.
Gives your wood a durable, clear protective coating and brings out the beauty you demand, indoors and out.
A 100% acrylic translucent finish that adds soft sparkle or shimmering accent to stained and painted interior surfaces.
Brings out the hand-rubbed beauty of wood. Application is simple â” just wipe on, then buff for a natural, soft, lustrous finish.
Designed to create an ultra smooth surface by filling and sealing all types of bare or stained wood.
This refinisher uses advanced water-borne technology to remove paint, varnish, stain, lacquers and polyurethane.
Ideal for conditioning soft woods such as spruce, pine and fir for a beautiful, even stain color.