PCL Auto Paints

PCL Automotive Refinishing products are formulated with the highest quality raw materials and produced under the most technically advanced manufacturing processes available. This process produces automotive refinishing products that are consistent batch-to-batch, year after year.

Since 1988, both local and statewide air quality regulations have dictated the compliance requirements for automotive refinishing products. PCL met the challenge to comply with these tough requirements and continues to be the leader in providing compliant products to automotive refinishers.

In addition to compliance, PCL products also meet the toughest requirements for automotive coatings: High Perfomance. PCL Automotive Refinishing products exceed performance standards when used in either a PCL coatings system, or as a compliment to other manufacturerâ™s automotive paint systems.

PCL product selection includes surface cleaners, product solvents, equipment cleaning solvents, finishing putties, pre-treatment coatings, primers, primer surfacers, primer surfacer/sealers, topcoats, clearcoats and specialty coatings. PCL Automotive Refinishing products deliver quality, compliance and performance without compromise. Be a part of a successful winning team with PCL Automotive Refinishing products.