Zolatone Paints

The Perfect OEM Finish
The Perfect Coating To Refinish Anything You Can Imagine. Zolatone 20 is the perfect OEM and refinish product because of its great looks, camouflaging ability, ease of application, and substrate versatility. Zolatone 20 is ideally suited for applications into or onto:

  • Aluminum and fiberglass boat interiors.
  • Truck beds and boxes.
  • Interior compartments on fire trucks, ambulances, utility trucks, safety vehicles, and armored cars.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Aircraft or bus interiors and compartments.
  • Light fixtures, furniture, and shelving.
With Zolatone's substrate versatility, your imagination is the product's only limitation. This attractive, cost effective, and durable coating provides a fabulous look on a variety of surfaces; including ferrous metals, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, wood, ceramic, and glass.*

A Dependable Low Maintenance Coating
Zolatone's durable finish requires no special maintenance and can be washed and waxed just like paint. Zolatone resists many common solvents. Most soiled areas are easily cleaned up.

Zolatone Can Be Spot Repaired
Over time, even a durable coating like Zolatone, with its unique properties, can eventually be damaged. However, its formulation allows for repairs and maintenance without extensive preparation. Simply clean up the damaged area with a wax and grease remover, re-prime, if necessary; then spray Zolatone and allow to dry. In most instances, it can be repaired in the field. When dry, Zolatone both blends in and adheres to itself with virtually no visible repair marks; another time and cost savings benefit.

Added Protection Against Scratches, Nicks, Scrapes, and Rust
Zolatone is a durable coating that resists wear from abrasion, scratching, and chipping in normal everyday use. Far tougher than regular paint, Zolatone offers you one of the most unique and dependable coatings available today!

Zolatone, when used with Zolatone Z91 Basecoat Primer-Sealer, can also help protect against rust and oxidation. With the abrasion and chip resistance of Zolatone, it will be difficult for rust to get started.

Looks Good Far Longer Than Other Coatings
Long after regular paint has faded, scratched, or chipped off, a Zolatone finish still looks great. And, Zolatone's multi-colored, textured surface provides a very unique benefit. It fools the eye so that dents, dings, sanding scratches, weld marks, and other defects in the metal seem to disappear! Even the beat up beds of old work trucks can look terrific with Zolatone.